Starfire Premium Wholesale Zephyrus containers


STARFIRE Zephyrus Wind Turbine Gear Oil (WTGO) is formulated to satisfy the harsh environmental conditions, varying loads and speeds, and lubricant compatibility that wind turbine gearbox lubricant requires. Wind turbine gear oils are a significant contributor to the overall operating cost of wind power generation, especially the attendant costs of replacements and quality monitoring. STARFIRE Zephyrus Wind Turbine Gear Oil offers an innovative and sustainable solutions that not only extends performance, but also minimizes cost.

STARFIRE Zephyrus utilizes a proprietary additive technology that when combined with a fully-synthetic, high-viscosity base fluid, achieves unparalleled performance when compared to mineral oils and more expensive PAO formulations. STARFIRE Zephyrus synthetic base fluids play a critical role in the lubricants capabilities as the fluids have been uniquely developed to retain protective film strength and provide excellent lubricity. The proof is in the test results; a DIN 51819-3 FE8 Bearing Test measured 3.5 mg at 80 kN, easily passing the industry standard of 30 mg, to earn the Siemen’s Flender gear unit approval.