Starfire Premium Wholesale Transformer Oil containers

Transformer Oil

STARFIRE Transformer Oil is an electrical insulating oil produced from severely hydrotreated naphthenic base oils to meet the specifications defined in ASTM D 3487. It is formulated with an oxidation inhibitor to minimize formation of acids and sludge in service to minimize oil deterioration and extend the operating life of the immersed components.


STARFIRE Transformer Oil meets the requirements of:
ANSI/ ASTM D 3487 Type II Inhibited Oil
Federal VV-I-530A, Class II Specification
NATO symbol S-756, British Standard BS148:1972
GE A13A3A2 (10CA) Specification IEC 296 Class IIA Specification NEMA Type II TR-P8-1975
IEC 60296
Westinghouse Specification PDS 55822AG

STARFIRE Transformer Oil PDS
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