Starfire Premium Wholesale Rock Drill Oils containers

Rock Drill Oils

STARFIRE Rock Drill oils are formulated with high-quality base oil and a premium additive system designed to provide superior performance in air-powered equipment. They are formulated to give maximum protection from component wear in severe service conditions.

STARFIRE Rock Drill Oils provide a highly tenacious film of lubrication on cylinder walls and other critical components. They are formulated to provide excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties that offer maxim um protection to all makes of pneumatic percussion tools-rock drills, jack-hammers, tampers, riveters, shippers and pavement breakers.

STARFIRE Rock Drill Oils offer the following benefits:

STARFIRE Rock Drill Oils are primarily designed as rock drill and pneumatic tool lubricants. They are recommended for and meet the general requirements of major manufacturers of rock drills and associated equipment such as jack-hammers, quarry drills, spike drivers, concrete vibrators and other types of pneumatic percussion equipment manufactured by Gardner-Denver, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, and Worthington.

STARFIRE Rock Drill Oils PDS
STARFIRE Rockdrill Oil 46-460 SDS