Starfire Premium Wholesale Performance 20W50 Motor Oil containers

Performance 20W50 Motor Oil

STARFIRE PERFORMANCE 20W50 MOTOR OIL is a race performance, premium quality oil formulated for gasoline engines. It contains only the highest quality, hydrotreated, paraffinic lubricating oils and a technologically advanced additive system, which includes detergents, dispersants, viscosity improver, anti-wear and anti-friction agents, and oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.


STARFIRE 20w50 motor oil is acceptable for use in all domestic and foreign automotive gasoline-fueled passenger cars and light-duty trucks where an SAE 20w50 that meets API SN, SM or SL is specified.


All STARFIRE Premium Products are available in bulk packaging - pails, kegs, drums, totes and bulk transport loads.

STARFIRE Performance 20w50 PDS
STARFIRE Performance 20w50 SDS