Starfire Premium Wholesale Non-Detergent Lubricating Oils containers

Non-Detergent Lubricating Oils

STARFIRE NON-DETERGENT (ND) LUBRICATING OILS are manufactured using highly refined base oils for increased lubrication and wear protection in operating conditions which do not require a detergent lubricating oil. STARFIRE Non- Detergent Lubricating Oils are recommended for light engines that call for a non-additive lubricating oil, compressors, circulating oils and low pressure hydraulic systems. STARFIRE ND Lubricating Oils satisfy API SA performance.

CAUTION: This oil is rated API SA. It contains no additives. It is not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1930. Use in modern engines may cause unsatisfactory engine performance or equipment harm.



All STARFIRE Premium Products are available in bulk packaging - pails, kegs, drums, totes and bulk transport loads.

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