HD30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil

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HD30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil

HD30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil

Starfire HD30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil is formulated with high viscosity index paraffinic base oils and select additive technology to provide superior thermal and oxidative stability, corrosion and valve train wear protection and prevent the formation and accumulation of deposits and sludge. It is designed for modern day, heavy duty diesel engines operating in both highway and off-highway applications.


STARFIRE HD30 Heavy Duty Motor Oils are recommended for modern day, heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines. It meets or exceeds the API CF-2 and CF/SG Service classifications.


  • Excellent protection from deposits at all operating temperatures
  • Excellent bearing corrosion protection (EGR critical)
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Excellent anti-foam properties
  • Excellent anti-rust properties
  • Excellent soot control

All STARFIRE Premium Products are available in bulk packaging - pails, kegs, drums, totes and bulk transport loads.

Starfire HD 30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil SDS

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